Our Experiences

Come and live an experience

Magical and unforgettable

We know that you want an special and unforgettable moment with your family, partner or friends, let us be a part of it and give you a unique experience that will remain as an adventure that will live forever.


Magic Ocean

We are a company where the happiness, satisfaction and safety of our customers are our highest priority, come and live your own experience.

Wedding Proposal

A magical moment next to the person you LOVE, choose your destination, and make it unforgettable.


Nothing better than living the best moments at sea with your friends. What destination would you like to go to?

Family Reunion

Magical family moments, the best to bring all the family together for fun times.


Choose a destination and live a magical moment that will further strengthen ties of love, romanticism, and sensuality with your partner.

Bachelor party

It should be an unforgettable moment with your friends.

Do you want unforgettable moments with your family, partner or friends? let us be part of it and give you a unique experience that will be a special adventure that you will live forever.