Cartagena Magical City

Magic Ocean - Servicio de Yates en Cartagena

Cartagena an imposing and wonderful city for any kind of holiday we wish to have. In the city we find Hotels for all budgets and very good Restaurants.

Magic Ocean - Servicio de Yates en Cartagena

Cartagena is located in a bay, surrounded by islands, full of charms everywhere. Its historic center is beautiful, known as The Walled City, this was declared a National Heritage of Colombia in 1959 and by UNESCO World Heritage.

It is a beautiful place that you can cycle around or simply walk around to delight in its architecture and enjoy its warm climate of 30°C average.

The main entrance is the Puerta del Reloj, built on the walls dating from the 19th century; outside the walls, its tower is facing the Gethsemane district and the Pegasus Pier; inside the walls we find the Plaza de los Coches, surrounded by mansions with traditional wooden balconies and in the center the imposing statue of Don Pedro de Heredia.

Outside the walls of Cartagena is the Castle of San Felipe that is located on the hill San Lázaro This fortification took more than a century to build. Its construction began in 1536 and was completed in 1657. It was built in order to be able to observe more easily the continuous invasions and attacks that the city suffered at the hands of English armies and pirates.